What is NO-WET?

NO-WET is a revolutionary product resulting from years of research and development. The all-natural formula actually captures and reduces dirt particles and lifts them off the surface of your vehicle. This Unique ability prevents scratches, unlike a traditional car wash, which merely grinds in dirt. Along with 17 major active ingredients, NO-WET also contains the finest Carnauba wax.

Advantages of NO-WET

Advantages of NO-WET

Regular washing with water leaves tiny feather scratches. NO-WET prevents this from occurring by protecting the finish while the dirt is still on it. NO-WET encapsulates and emulsifies the dirt particles. In other words, NO-WET shrinks the dirt particles and lifts them off the surface, without scratching the paint. NO-WET cleans, shines and protects, all in one, easy application. Environmental Implications A standard hose disperses water at a rate of 1 gallon per 8 seconds. One bottle of NO-WET can save hundreds of gallons of water and eliminates groundwater contamination. Our environmentally safe Earth Friendly product provides a superior finish with no adverse effects on the environment. To see our full product line go to: www.nowetusard.com/finestracing

How do I use NO-WET?

Just apply NO-WET over a small area of the vehicle, using the unique micro-mist applicator. With a clean terry cloth towel, gently rub in one direction this allows the product to encapsulate and emulsify the dirt particles. Then use a micro-fiber towel to buff the same area to a beautiful shine. An average sized car takes only 2-4 ounces.

To see our full product line go to: www.nowetusard.com/finestracing

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In order for us to reach the end user consumer we welcome those interested in starting a new business or an existing business that would like to incorporate our product into their product line. NO-WET provides a perfect alternative for detailing operations, car dealerships, municipality fleet maintenance...

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