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On this page we will post current racing events. The NMCA is a series we participate in 100%. The NMCA is a series that has four LS related event’s. For the 2010 season, the NMCA had three events for the GM LS model vehicle. The events and locations are listed below. We will also have local racing schedules posted soon.

Finest Racing is excited to be Teaming up With NOWET Waterless Car Wash.
We all like our tow vehicle and race cars to look great, NOWET is the answer. No need to carry a bucket, sponge, hose and liquid soap. There are many benefits from using NOWET. One of the major benifits is the ability to increase aerodynamics from the emulsification process. The contents of NOWET will Wash, Polish, Carnauba Wax and Kaolin Clay for removing surface contaminants and restoring to a smooth surface. Click on the link to read more and to also purchase your all natural environmentally friendly. www.nowetusard.com/finestracing

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With all the driving we do as do most other racers. Our tow vehicles and trailers are driven through many different environments. The end result is a dirty rough paint surface. There is a solution to the rescue. This is were NOWET Waterless Car Wash will remove the dirt from your vehicle. It is not over yet. NOWET also has a polish, Carnauba Wax and Kaolin Clay. All this from a bottle. NOWET is environmentally friendly because the ingredients are are natural.

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2013 NMCA LSX Season is Almost Here

The NMCA LSX Series first event will be held at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Fla. We entered the 1998 Pace Car in the LSX Rumble Index class. We hope to continue our winning streak. As of today, we are the 2011 and 2012 World Champion of the NMCA LSX Index Rumble Class.

The second LSX Event was held at Altanta Dragway in Ga. There were 26 LS vehicles in the Index Rumble Class. Rob Farley was in the final again. But before we go in to details about the final, Rob was suffering from a very bad sinus and chest cold. The coughing and running nose did not stop him from attending this event. The eliminations were held on Sunday in conjunction with the NMRA. It was a long day to arrive in the final. If Rob was not in the staging lanes, he was laying down resting. The final round was around 10:30pm with Rob going up against Mr. Sanders. Rob reaction time was proof that he was tired and sick. Rob left first with a .150 to a .040. On the top end it was Rob crossing first by .009 on a break out. Rob crossed with a 11.46 to Mr. Sanders 10.05. With two events in the history books, Rob has two final appearances. The next event will be Sept. 9, 10 & 11 in Bowling Green Ky at the Holley LS Fest.

2010 Season:
With the season 2010 completed. A short recap of the 2010 season: My 1985 Mustang GT (Christine) won/earned a WALLY at Raceway Park this season in Top Street. The 2010 season was a test and tune season for the Mustang. During the 2009 winter, the Mustang had many changes made to her. She had a Ford Motorsport 351w windsor block bored and stroked to a 408 installed. A tubular front end was installed with a coil over set up installed. With so many changes made, we spent many days at the track tuning and adjusting. There was one issue that took a few months to figure out. A long story short, in high gear the Mustang was breaking up. It turned out to be the ground wire on the MSD. The ground wire was attached to the chassis. According to MSD, the ground wire can only be attached and secured to negative side of the battery. After the ground wire was attached to the battery, I was able to move onto adjusting the carburetor, adjusting the timing and suspension. The best sixty foot for 2010 was 1.36 leaving off the trans brake at 4,600 rpm's. The best ET was 9.80 lifting and pedaling from the 1/8 mile on. I have not made a full all out pass yet. I will be entering the Mustang in Friday Night 10.00 Index, Top Street and Pro at Raceway Park for 2011. I may also participate in the NHRA UNLEASHED 10.00 Index and PINK'S ALL OUT in 2011.

My 1998 Corvette Pace Car ended the season in 4th place in the Corvette Challenge and 3rd place in the Corvette Challenge 11.50 Index. My plans for the 2011 season for the Pace Car are to enter the Corvette Challenge Brackets and also the Pro 11.50 Index on Saturday's at Raceway Park. I am also tossing around the idea to enter two more classes on Saturday, that is if the two classes return in 2011. The classes are the GM EFI Brackets and the 11.50 Index.